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RVR Programs

The Focus of Our Efforts

Programs: Programs
Adult Education Course
Lending a Helping Hand

Childcare Assistance

Increasing the availability, affordability, and quality of childcare.


Help individuals and families make a positive, sustainable change in their lives  by enabling them to become self-sufficient.

Education & Training

Preparing adult students to enter a new industry, advance their careers, earn a degree or learn for personal enrichment.

Employment Assistance

Providing opportunities for employment, education, training, and support services helps ensure job seekers have the skills and credentials necessary to secure and advance in employment.

Students During Break
Building Blocks
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Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG)

School based program where  students work on a wide array of competencies from financial literacy, public speaking, resume writing, and college/industry tours.

Rural Works

Rural Works! is an economic development strategy that offers a holistic approach to eliminating poverty.

Young Adult Services

Youth will work with a youth career advisor to identify their skill sets and interests and utilize that information to develop a plan for education and employment.

La Casa Amiga

La Casa Amiga is a place to help Spanish speaking newcomers gain access to the services they need and become active participants of the community.

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