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Rural Works Program

Rural Works! is an economic development strategy that offers a holistic approach to eliminating poverty. Rural Works! is based on the successful Cincinnati Works! employment program. The goal of Cincinnati Works! is to help low-income area residents overcome their barriers to stable, long-term employment. River Valley Resources has an exclusive contract with Cincinnati Works! to create the only rural variation of this model in the nation.

Rural Works! serves two segments of the population: those who are currently unemployed, and those who are underemployed e.g. the working poor. The short-term goal for the unemployed is to help them stabilize in a job that pays $7.25 to $10.00 per hour with health benefits. The long term goal for the underemployed is for them to earn 200% of the federal poverty rate and move to economic self-sufficiency. Economically self-sufficient people become taxpayers and productive citizens who no longer require public assistance.

Program Locations

Dearborn County

Austin Clark

Rural Works Career Coach
Phone: 513-630-9932

dearborn county.png

Jefferson County

Jessica Bradley

Rural Works Career Coach
Phone: 812-599-9147

jefferson county indiana.png

Franklin County

Carolyn Bunzendahl

Employment Coordinator
Phone: 317-383-9316

franklin county.png

Decatur County

Teresa Fyfe

Employment Coordinator
Phone: 317-919-5595

decatur county.png

Re-Entry Services

Patrice Alcorn

Employment Services Coordinator

Phone: 812-265-2652

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