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Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG)

The JAG Program, Jobs for America’s Graduates, is currently offered to Juniors and Seniors across the region. We have 10 schools with 13 programs. Those schools include Franklin County, Jennings County, Lawrenceburg, Madison, Seymour, South Dearborn, Milan, Jac-Cen-Del, South Ripley, Crothersville and Switzerland County. Seymour and Lawrenceburg have 2 programs, and Jac-Cen-Del/South Ripley is the region's first dual program. 


The JAG Program is a 1 credit hour class offered in these high schools as an elective. While in JAG, the students work on a wide array of competencies from financial literacy, public speaking, resume writing, and college/industry tours.


If you are a student at one of our participating high schools, and would like to be involved, please notify your JAG Specialists or guidance staff to get enrolled. For our community leaders, business owners, or organizations that just want to be connected to our JAG program, please contact Kristal Biehle, JAG Manager, at (812) 599-1776, Sandy Wehner, JAG Assistant Manager, at (812) 599-9280, or Julie Thompson, Outreach Coordinator, at (812)599-2389.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Eligibility Requirements

Junior or Senior in participating High School OR meets one or more of the following:

  • Has repeated a grade in school

  • Low academic performance (GPA of 2.0 or below)

  • Limited English proficiency

  • Past record of excessive absences as verified by school

  • Previously dropped out of school

  • Parent or guardian did not graduate from high school

  • Parent or guardian does not work

  • Is pregnant

  • Has dependent children in the home

  • Is parenting

  • Needs transportation to and from work or school

  • In Foster Care

  • Lacks motivation or maturity to pursue education or career goals

  • Has a disability

  • Health problems with impair education or career goals

  • Economically disadvantaged as defined by public assistance, TANG or Free Lunch

  • Having inadequate or not work experience

  • Lacks marketable occupational skills that are in demand in the local labor market

Education Books Bookshelves

Current Locations

Brownstown Central High School

500 N Elm Street

Brownstown, IN 47220


Franklin County High School

1 Wildcat Lane

Brookville, IN 47012

JacCenDel High School

4544 US HWY 421

Osgood, IN 47037

Jennings County High School

800 W. Walnut St.

North Vernon, IN 47265

Lawrenceburg High School

100 Tiger Blvd.

Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Madison Consolidated High School
300 Clifty Drive
Madison, IN 47250

Milan High School

609 N Warpath Drive

Milan, IN 47031

Seymour High School
1350 W. 2nd. St.
Seymour, IN 47274

South Dearborn High School

5770 Highlander Place

Aurora, IN 47001


South Ripley High School

1589 S Benham Road

Versailles, IN 47042

Crothersville High School

109 Preston St

Crothersville, IN 47229

Switzerland County High School

1020 W Main St

Vevay, IN 47043

For more information about JAG, please contact:

Kristal Biehle

Program Manager

Julie Thompson

JAG Outreach Coordinator

Sandy Wehner

JAG Assistant Manager

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