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Adult Education Success Stories 

What will be your story? 
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Some Of Our 2021 Graduates in Region 9 


One Hard Working Momma! 

Hazel Karn, 43, is a hard-working mother of four and a grandmother to several. Ms. Karn has worked since a young age of sixteen to provide for her children the best that she could. She continues to do so, all while attending adult education classes.

Her dream job is to become a phlebotomist, but that dream was put on hold when she became pregnant at a young age. Ms. Karn states, “When my oldest was five months old, I found out I was expecting again my entire focus and energy went into being a good momma and working for them.” And that is what she does working thirty-five hours or more a work as a waitress at a local establishment in Milan, Indiana. She found it difficult to juggle class time and working and taking care of her family, but with the “help of her teacher, the flexible hours, and homework packets at the Education Center of Rising Sun” she has been able to achieve her high school diploma.

Mother and Daughter

What's your motivation? 

Mrs. Emily Adams, 24, had a difficult time completing her high school education before, because of her home life, but now she had a different reason to complete her education…her children. Even though Emily is still so young, she is a very mature, wise and wonderful mother of three beautiful young girls. Her drive to get her high school diploma was motivated by her desire to get a “decent job to support my kids.” Emily does have aspirations of attending college one day as well. Emily attributes her quick success as an adult education student to the support of her teachers and the facility at the Education Center of Rising Sun. She states, “I could come when I was available and they sent me home with work to study and practice.” This really helped her to practice when she was at home and had a moment to study. Emily encourages anyone deciding whether or not to get their HSE, go ahead and try.


Future RN! 

Kendra Wilson, 20, is a hard-working single mother of two looking to become a nurse. Ms. Wilson left high school when she became pregnant with her first child to begin working at a shipping company in Erlanger, KY. She has always worked hard to support herself and her children. While attending HSE classes, she started her own online bakery to make ends meet.  Kendra’s dream job is to become a nurse and is currently working on getting into the WorkOne certified nursing assistant program this spring.  Her advice to young help in similar situations is to never give up and not to be afraid to ask for help. It is out there for you. Ms. Wilson said the program at the Education Center of Rising Sun is great for someone who is lacking a little confidence in their abilities. She said the best part of the class, “is how helpful, kind, and compassionate they are at the Education Center.” I would recommend this program to anyone who is questioning getting their HSE.


Ready for College! 

Kyle Brinson entered Adult Education program in Region 10. Kyle is an extremely smart young man, who had no problem getting their the class and HSE tests quickly. Kyle is currently enrolled at Ivy Tech and pursuing a college degree. 

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I'm ready to get my life together 

My name is Luke Begley and I am a high school drop-out. I quit high school two different times. I finished my junior year, but left high school as a senior. I had difficulty socializing with my peers and disliked most of my teachers. I felt like most of my teachers treated me unfairly so I left. I chose to enroll at the Education Center of Rising Sun because two of my friends were enrolling. I didn’t feel intimidated at this HSE site. I rather liked the freedom of moving around the classroom and not being restricted by the bell. I felt that it was a site that would enable me to obtain my high school diploma. My pre-test scores were high and my teacher really fast-tracked me through the class. After two weeks, I had finished the class and started testing. After obtaining my high school diploma, I will be applying at a power plant in Kentucky earning $16.00 an hour. My teacher asked me what career would I choose. At this point, I am not ready to make that decision. 

Construction Workers

Cultivating Hope 

River Valley Resources: Adult Education partners with Ivy Tech to give these inmates at Scott County jail the opportunity to better themselves.  Many of them will come out of the program ready to start their lives again, fresh. No matter your past there is a hope to improve your life.  Just reach out and the opportunities will come.  River Valley Resources: Adult Education is here to help and believe in you, even if you don't believe in yourself.


Never Give Up

Bobby, a 17 year old student from Laurel in Franklin County. Bobby was a shy student at first, but was inspired by his mother and family to get his HSE. Bobby really liked the quiet setting and being able to have the teacher right there to help me. Bobby took his exams, but did not pass math by two points. That was a hard blow from him. He was able to overcome that and now is working towards becoming a mechanic. 


Diploma in 4 weeks! 

My name is Victoria Gibson and I dropped out of school in the 9th grade. Adult education has helped me graduate without going back all four years. My instructor helped me gain the confidence that I needed in order to be successful and pass the TASC test and obtain my high school equivalency diploma. My instructor, Barbara, helped me learn everything I needed in four short weeks to help me pass. I worked hard on my lessons in class and also worked on assignments at home in order to reach my goal of passing the test before I had my baby. With a lot of perseverance and encouragement, I signed up for the test in early December at Ivy Tech and passed all five subjects the first time. I had my baby boy just a few days later. I was just recently accepted into Ivy Tech in Sellersburg, Indiana. I start classes in August in which I will be majoring in sonography.

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Extreme Dedication 

Abigail Adkins enrolled in adult education at the Education Center of Rising Sun. Leaving school was the only option that Abby felt she possessed due to an impending pregnancy. As she related, “Kids can be really cruel, laughing at me because I was pregnant.” She continued by saying, “As I am partially blind, it was difficult for me to do the homework.” "I enrolled at the Education Center of Rising Sun, because I heard that I could get one-on-one help,” Abby said. “The best part of the class was how amazing the teachers were in helping me in all of my subjects without judging me,” she continued. Abby obtained her HSE within three weeks.  Her career plans are to earn a business and culinary degree.

Image by Edward Howell

A Rose Like No Other 

My name is Sharon Rose Messer. I am married and have 2 teenage children. I am a stay at home mom and really didn’t have trouble getting to class or staying in class. I quit school about 27 years ago because I had trouble at home and some health issues. In April, I started the HSE program because I had to prove I could do it. It was a bucket list item for me. I took the test 2 times before I passed everything and I was able to go to class while my kids were in school. My teacher helped me one on one and it was good because it was quiet and easier to learn. I liked the location and the time I could go to class. I feel like I have accomplished something and I am full of pride. I can’t wait to have my boys see me graduate. I really don’t have future plans because I am disabled because of health reasons, but I can say to everyone, go for it. 

Grace Brayton.jpg

Saving Grace

My life hasn’t been the easiest. My senior year of high school I found out the past two years of school was not accredited. I overcame the hurt of feeling deceived and continued my educational journey. Finding out I wasn’t able to graduate with my class broke my heart. My aunt informed me on the HSE program and I knew that was what I needed. My teacher was one of the most helpful people during my time of hurt. She encouraged me to continue. There was a time I didn’t go to a single class in two weeks. I felt like giving up. Then, I got a call from my teacher. I knew I needed this and I was going to do it! And I did! I kept telling myself I wasn’t good enough. Then, I found out I passed! I was so happy! The most difficult part for me was trying to work full time to pay my bills and trying to continue my educational process.  I recently started a new job at a law firm. I hope to maybe further my education to move up in the company. 


Father Ready for a Career 

Travis Wilson, a resident of Moores Hill, is forty-two, married, and a father of two children. He has been employed with Rising Star Casino and Resort for the past twenty-one years as a valet attendant. Travis’ last grade completed was grade 10. Travis struggled with the pre-tests. He remarked that it had been a long time since he had taken a test that required so much time that he simply was exhausted by the time he finished with the language. I asked him what motivated him to want to get his high school diploma now? He said, “I tried several times but could not seem to get it together with my work schedule and family commitments, but so many people that I knew had achieved it, so I thought I would give it another try.” Travis has been a superb student in class and his diligence has paid dividends. Travis received his HSE and was nominated to the Adult Education Honor Society. Mr. Wilson has achieved his goal of becoming a CDL Truck Driver.

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